Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit

The Secrets of Building a Five-Star Customer Service Organization

by Leonardo Inghilleri , Micah Solomon

Number of pages: 170

Publisher: AMACOM

BBB Library: Sales and Marketing

ISBN: 9780814415382

About the Authors

Leonardo Inghilleri : Inghilleri is a recognized expert in the service industry and a


Micah Solomon : Solomon is a customer service expert entrepreneur, business leader, and speaker.


Editorial Review

In Exceptional Service, Exceptional Profit insiders Leonardo Inghilleri and Micah Solomon reveal the secrets of providing online and offline customer service so superior it nearly guarantees loyalty.

Book Reviews

"I am giving this book 95/100. I liked the most different aspects and real life examples, it made me think in each chapter about my everyday work and contribution. When I was writing key takeaways, in the same moment I was able to write down a concrete action steps that will help me and my team to improve our customers’ experience." - Key Takeaways

"has ideas for nonprofit and commercial ventures." - Inc.

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Wisdom to Share

How you greet your customers and send them off is extremely important.

Empathic skill is the ability to understand what another human being is going through and how to interact helpfully in that situation.

The art of anticipation requires, at its core, the right people—people who have been chosen correctly for their positions, who understand their purpose in your organization, who are inspired by leadership, trained in the necessary technical skills, and given reinforcement daily.

In electronic interactions you lose the human failsafe of direct verbal and nonverbal feedback.

Everyone has what we call a “protective bubble” around himself, to a greater or lesser extent. Teaching your staff to recognize this and probe only gently, is one of the keys to attentive service.

Don’t track too much stuff, and keep what you do track right at the fingertips of your frontline staff. Simplicity is what makes a preference-tracking system sustainable.

Service breakdowns and other problems experienced by customers are crucial emotional moments in a business relationship.

Customer experiences guide their expectations.

You need to design your product or service so that it can be expected to function perfectly within foreseeable boundaries.

Businesses with loyal customers grow faster than others when times are good, and they have the most breathing room when times are bad.

Customers are satisfied whenever they consistently receive a perfect product delivered by caring people in a timely fashion and effective problem resolution process.