The Loyalty Leap

Turning Customer Information into Customer Intimacy

by Bryan Pearson

Number of pages: 272

Publisher: Portfolio Penguin

BBB Library: Sales and Marketing

ISBN: 9781591844914

About the Author

Pearson is the CEO and President of LoyaltyOne Inc., a provider of loyalty strategies. He is an expert on developing meaningful customer relationships, enterprise loyalty, and coalition marketing.


Editorial Review

It’s a vexing situation for business leaders that one of our most valuable assets is also the least likely to be quantified. Of course it’s hard enough to identify our best customers, let alone know what moves them to choose one brand over another. If you were asked about your company’s profitability, you’d be able to produce income statements and quarterly reports. But if you were asked how loyal your customers are, could you back up the answer with a definitive formula or measure? As companies struggle to determine how loyal their customers are in this increasingly competitive market, the loyalty marketing industry is growing dramatically on a global scale. The fundamentals of loyalty marketing are relevant to everyone from retailers to credit card companies, from service companies to health care and now even to governments. True loyalty marketing transcends the programmatic experience that occupies the wallets of most consumers—make a purchase, earn a few points. The customer information and insights that arise from these loyalty programs is the fuel required to empower a new competitive platform.

Book Reviews

"Pearson believes this is one of the most exciting times in the history of marketing, and that loyalty marketing will be increasingly essential for years to come. His book will take you behind the cur­tain to show how the best companies are doing it." - DMA

" Bryan Pearson wrote his book titled The Loyalty Leap, meant to help marketers break down the information they collect in order to make good use of it. More precisely, Bryan Pearson looks into the concept of clients always being willing to share their contact information in exchange for some kind of free product or service, and that over time they expect the quality of your brand to increase, or at least remain the same." - Quick Book Reviews

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Wisdom to Share

Tomorrow’s generation of customers has an incredible capacity to stream media in all its forms and across multiple channels of delivery.

They do their homework while watching TV, surfing the web, monitoring their Facebook accounts, and texting.

Privacy has been a concern for consumers since records were first kept.

Tracking feels like an invasion of privacy, and uncertainty about what’s being monitored and how the information is being used raises the creepy quotient.

Most companies aiming at measuring loyalty typically end up measuring customer satisfaction instead, and that can be risky.

The most successful loyalty programs are organized around a relevance strategy.

The best way to gain customer trust and loyalty is by giving them the opportunity to choose whether they’ll share information with you.