Fanatical Prospecting

The Ultimate Guide to Opening Sales Conversations and Filling the Pipeline by Leveraging Social Selling, Telephone, Email, Text, and Cold Calling

by Jeb Blount

Number of pages: 304

Publisher: Wiley

BBB Library: Sales and Marketing

ISBN: 978-1119144755

About the Author

Jeb Blount is a Sales Acceleration expert who helps sales organizations reach peak performance fast by optimizing talent, leveraging training to cultivate a high-performance sales culture, developing leadership and coaching skills, and applying more effective organizational design.


Editorial Review

Like a prophet, Jeb Blount boldly points out the lies of the loud, popular nouveau sales experts whose deadly advice leads sales people and sales leaders astray. These experts preach to all who will listen to that prospecting proactively pursuing prospects—no longer works. What's particularly dangerous about this false teaching is that it is exactly what the struggling, reactive salesperson wants to hear. Why do the hard work to prospect and self-generate new sales opportunities when some guru lets you off the hook by telling you that it's old school and doesn't work anymore ? Why block time to pick up the phone if instead you can tweet, write blog posts, or play for hours posting comments in a LinkedIn group?

Book Reviews

"This book is one of the most powerful sales books I’ve read in recent years. The author goes straight to thenub of why many sales reps don’t hit the target – they seem to demur, for a variety of reasons, to do enough prospecting. Blount lists his ‘seven mindsets of fanatical prospectors’. One of those mindsets is ‘relentless‘, or the ability to keep going. One needs to have or develop these characteristics in order to succeed at prospecting and ultimately your sales targets."

"After following Jeb Blount’s insights across various platforms, diving into ‘Fanatical Prospecting’ felt like a personalized guide to success. Blount’s direct approach resonated with me as if he were speaking directly to my sales challenges. His relatable anecdotes swiftly drew me in, highlighting the hurdles hindering my growth as a salesperson—primarily, the fear of rejection. I found his incorporation of neuroscience studies particularly enlightening, strategically placed to reinforce key concepts. Whether you’re already excelling or, like myself, seeking to overcome internal barriers, this book is a game-changer. I’m committed to embracing rejection fears head-on, propelled by Blount’s wisdom to elevate my career and expand my client base."

"From my point of view, Fanatical Prospecting is a great personal development book. It is probably good for prospecting too.I don’t prospect. I fear rejection like any sane person, and according to Jeb Blount, the author of "Fanatical Prospecting:" "prospecting is hard, grueling, rejection-dense work.”

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Wisdom to Share

"Superstars outearn other salespeople—taking home almost all of the available commissions and bonuses. They win the trips, prizes, spills, and the recognition that the also-rans so badly crave."

"Lots of salespeople have the intelligence, talent, skills, and education to be top performers. Lots of salespeople are competitive, understand the sales process, and know how to ask for the business. Yet they consistently underperform the superstars."

"Developing a fanatical prospecting mindset starts with coming to grips with the fact that prospecting is hard, grueling, rejection-dense work."

"Success leaves clues. Highly successful people, from ancient philosophers like Aristotle to modern-day thought leaders, have always made the point that there is little need to "reinvent the wheel."

"Fanatical prospectors have acute situational awareness. Because of this, they are able to respond and adapt quickly to changing situations and circumstances. They leverage the three As in their approach to prospecting: adopt, adapt, adept."

"The failure to do the little things every day will cripple your efforts to achieve your goals"

"Most of the problem with perfectionism is self-talk. The voice inside your head telling you that when you get all of your little ducks in a perfect row, prospects will be putty in your hands."

"- If you are selling a transactional, low-risk, low-cost product or service and you are in inside sales, your primary objective will be closing the sale and secondarily gathering information."

"One of the truths about human behavior is people tend to respond in kind. If you are relaxed and confident, you'll transfer that emotion to your prospect."

"When you have worked this hard, singularly focused on one thing, it is natural to believe that you have reached an apex, a peak, or a mountaintop."