Five Stars

Putting Online Reviews to Work for Your Business

by Gradiva Couzin , Jennifer Grappone

Number of pages: 312

Publisher: Sybex

BBB Library: Sales and Marketing

ISBN: 978-1118689448

About the Authors

Gradiva Couzin : She is a partner of Gravity Search Marketing LLC and SEO/Social


Jennifer Grappone : She works with clients to develop and implement SEO and social


Editorial Review

You live in a time when online reviews are prominent and powerful. If you’re like many business stakeholders, you might be confused or overwhelmed by online reviews. In this book, showed valuable how-to instructions, advice from experts, insider tips from review venue representatives, and insights into consumer behavior that you can use to improve your own online reputation, achieve greater customer satisfaction, and leverage your reviews for customer acquisition.

Book Reviews

“Five Stars is the perfect guide to a timely and crucial marketing tactic for today's savvy small business owners and marketers. Find out how to get more (and better) online reviews for your business, track and monitor them, leverage them effectively in social media and elsewhere, and handle negative reviews with aplomb.”— Safari Books

“you’ll quickly get up to speed on the tools, tactics and techniques to cultivate positive reviews, show them off, and learn from customer feedback to improve your business. You’ll also learn the most effective methods for dealing with negative reviews, so that you can view them as an opportunity, not a catastrophe. With greater visibility and better control of your online reputation, you can finally let your reviews drive success for your business!” — Gravity Search Market

“this practical book is what you need to grab the reins, shape the online conversation, and get reviews that sell. * Shows you how to get and leverage online reviews from websites such as Yelp and niche sites related to your business * Explains tools, techniques, and tactics you can use to start shaping conversations and building positive visibility * Demystifies a complex topic, empowering you to make the most of this valuable marketing tactic * Written by the expert author team of the popular and practical SEO-An Hour a Day books; the authors offer a similar task-based approach to help you succeed” — ACM Digital Library

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Wisdom to Share

Online word of mouth naturally finds its way into social media posts and streams.

Learning from your reviews and taking action to change the problems at your business that are triggering negative reviews is a crucial element of any review management plan.

A well-thought-out response is always better than a horrified gasp.

A careful analysis of your reviews can help you understand both the venues that drive business and the kinds of customers who want more of what you’re selling.

Public responses to all reviews can reduce the number of negative reviews—or at least make them less vicious.

When positive customer reviews come your way, you should do everything you can to broaden their visibility.

Sometimes social media comments are posted with the sole objective of provoking, annoying, or stirring up controversy, and these can often be left alone.

You live in a time when online reviews are prominent and powerful.

The success of your business doesn’t depend on getting 5-star reviews. Rather, it depends on getting more reviews.

Product reviews are customer-generated descriptions associated with a specific item