Overpromise and Overdeliver

The Secrets of Unshakable Customer Loyalty

by Rick Barrera

Number of pages: 226

Publisher: Penguin

BBB Library: Sales and Marketing

ISBN: 9781591840619

About the Author

Rick Barrera is a nationally acclaimed speaker, marketing consultant and author known for his extraordinary speaking ability and his unique approach to brand building.


Editorial Review

In the overcrowded world of goods, products and services, it’s far from an easy task to have your commodity stand out as the leader of the pack. In the marketplace today, everything is “better”; all foods ‘taste better’ all cars ‘drive better’ and all technologies are wired to ‘work better’. But somehow, in the sea of flooded advertising and marketing, some companies do come out of nowhere to become the leaders of their expertise field. Contrary to traditional reasoning, they don’t achieve that goal of being number one through costly advertising and phenomenal budgets, but rather through the methodology of overpromise and overdeliver. Without a solid basis of an overpromise and over-delivery, your commodity will become just that; a commodity that will become virtually nameless in the marketplace as well as totally dependent on sales according to price slashing.

Book Reviews

"The book consists out of two parts. The first one is called ‘Overpromise’, and the second (of course) ‘Overdeliver’. In part one Barrera explains what a brand overpromise actually is and how you can build one. This is where he introduces what he calls ‘touchpoint branding’: the three touchpoints associated with this." Johnny Holland

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Wisdom to Share

Working in a non-threatening environment, without fear of negative repercussion for ideas gone wrong, allows employees to think and work better.

It’s not good enough to know everything about your product. You must also know its potentials.

Your ultimate goal should be to spot that empty competitive space and fill in that gap with a radically different offer that your competitors would find difficult to tackle; in a word, the overpromise.

Your employees are continuously making conscious and unconscious decisions on how much extra effort to invest in their jobs. Smart companies try to bring employees into synchronization with the brand promise and monitor employee attitudes on the matter.

“A true brand promise should describe what the product or service will do for your target audience, how it is different from competing offers, and why a potential customer should buy it.”

Minimal differences between brands are not appreciated by customers. For a brand to be truly unique, it needs a knock out promise.

Smart business people ask their customers what they want in their brand.

The brand is everything that conjures up in the consumer’s mind upon hearing about your commodity and it is up to you to determine what your customer wants in your brand.

Metaphorically, the brand doesn’t belong to the owner of the product, but actually belongs to the customer.

A brand can represent the deep-rooted emotional needs and social status desires of customers.