Marketing for Solos

The Ultimate How-To Guide For Marketing Your One Person Small Business Successfully

by Jeanna Pool

Number of pages: 242

Publisher: 3 Bar Press

BBB Library: Entrepreneurship, Sales and Marketing

ISBN: 9780976996279

About the Author

Pool is an author, speaker and consultant. She works with solo small business owners who are good at what they do, but who struggle to market themselves.


Editorial Review

You are your small business and your small business is you. You are the brand. Clients are buying you. You are the main force behind your business. You are the one doing the work for your clients, and while you may have an assistant, or a contractor who helps you, you don’t have a large staff of employees to manage. You work with clients one-on-one—either face to face or virtually via email or by phone. Your clients can be just around the corner or across the globe. You may be a life coach, business coach, consultant, author, speaker, trainer, therapist, writer, designer, architect, contractor, attorney, accountant, real estate agent, mortgage broker, travel agent, chiropractor, dentist, massage therapist, photographer, or another type of service based professional. You may have heard yourself referred to as a “solo-prenuer”, “solo-professional” or “independent professional.” If any or all of this sounds familiar, then you are a solo, a solo small business owner to be exact.

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Wisdom to Share

Human beings are, by nature, selfish. We put ourselves first. We put our family, our property and our valuables first and foremost.

Prospects care about one thing—themselves.

To successfully market your solo small business over the long haul, you’re going to have to change your thinking.

In order to be successful, your thinking needs to shift to the way the prospect thinks, and that way of thinking has to guide the way you present your services and market them.

The reason why so many solo small businesses’ marketing efforts fail is because they’re doing everything backwards.

Unfortunately, too many solo small businesses think the same way! “Why should I give before I receive?”

Why not just send your past clients or prospects a free surprise, like a gift card, movie tickets or some other little gift?

You will always get something back, from a phone call with a heartfelt thank you, to a referral, to another project from a client.

You must be specific—very specific—in your description of who you work with.