Strategic Foresight

Learning from the Future

by Patricia Lustig

Number of pages: 177

Publisher: Triarchy Press

BBB Library: Psychology and Strengths, Personal Success

ISBN: 978-1-909470-66-8

About the Author

Patricia Lustig is a widely recognised and talented practitioner in Strategic Foresight and strategy development, future thinking and innovation. Patricia has written numerous articles and is co-author of the business handbooks Beyond Crisis: Achieving Renewal in a Turbulent World, published by Wiley in 2010 and Here be Dragons published in 2012 by Choir Press


Editorial Review

Everyone uses some foresight; most people think about the future at some time and try to make sense of it in their day-to-day lives. Take present-buying: you are using foresight to think ahead to what each person would like to receive (decision-making); to think about where you will find/buy/make each gift and how you will afford it, which requires planning and goal-setting; and to implement your “strategy.” You are reflecting before you make your decision and creating connections in order to make good decisions. For instance, say you have a family member who likes to read and spends a lot of time on trains. Connecting the two might mean that an e-reader would be a good gift (if you have the budget and you know the person doesn’t have one).

Book Reviews

“The book lays out the needed set of skills and tools used to explore potential futures. It looks at how we must think about the future, and especially how we deal with ambiguity and uncertainty. It introduces a simple model of preferred thinking styles and explores the “baggage” and values that form our perceptions.” – Leader Values

“The author makes a powerful case that the art and science of discovering the future is an emergent process and requires a creative combination of thinking and sensemaking like a hedgehog, fox and eagle as part of a unified continuum to the past, present and future (“tomorrow++”).” –Triarchy Press

“Strategic Foresight is a timely publication that I would strongly recommend as a valuable addition to every practitioner’s bookshelf.” – Ingenta Connect

“This is a book that needs to be read by all decision-makers in government, education and non-profit organisations, as well as those in business, irrespective of whether they are established multinationals or dot-com start-ups.” – Unlocking Foresight

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Wisdom to Share

Everyone uses some foresight; most people think about the future at some time and try to make sense of it in their day-to-day lives.

Strategic Foresight is needed in organizations so that they flourish, remain viable, and endure.

If everything remained the same, you could just extrapolate the past into the future; however that is clearly not how things work today.

The Hero’s Journey is a tool for reflection, to help you step outside your own life for a moment and assess where you are and where you would like to go next.

Hedgehogs like certainty; they are happiest operating in the “problem to be solved” sphere.

Foxes are skeptical of unifying theories and one-size-fits-all thinking. They gather data from a wide variety of sources.

When the Eagle spots prey, she is ready to alter and correct her flight path if the prey changes direction. She is keeping “an eagle eye” on the lie of the land as the present becomes the past and the future unfolds into the present.

A major point of Strategic Foresight is to enable you to make good choices for the future and then implement these choices in your organization, creating the changes you need in order to flourish and endure.

Today’s leaders need to anticipate; they need to think ahead. That doesn’t just go for you or me as individuals, or even as leaders in our businesses, but also as human beings.

At the very least, you need to lead yourself, if not also engaging others, into tomorrow and then tomorrow++, and if you can flourish and prosper on the way because you’ve developed the practice of Strategic Foresight, so much the better.