There Must Be More Than This

Finding More Life, Love and Meaning by Overcoming Your Soft Addictions

by Judith Wright

Number of pages: 256

Publisher: Broadway Books

BBB Library: Personal Success

ISBN: 9780767913393

About the Author

Dr. Judith Wright is a peerless educator, lifestyles expert, inspirational speaker, best-selling author, and corporate consultant.


Editorial Review

There Must Be More Than This helps you identify and fulfill the deeper longings behind your soft addictions. Judith Wright’s eight-step program has now been used by hundreds of her students to overcome their soft addictions and open up their lives to a greater sense of purpose and happiness. There Must Be More Than This shares her methods, along with real-life, inspirational stories of success. Invite More into your life and know that you are living the life you were meant to live.

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Wisdom to Share

We arrive at mastery in life when we rise above our soft addiction routines and create a life of More.

Most of us don't consciously design our daily lives to be uplifting, meditative, or deeply meaningful. We are enmeshed in routines that range from stressful to escapist. These routines prevent us from effectively asking the big questions or from devoting ourselves to endeavors that answer them positively.

Soft addictions can be habits, compulsive behaviors, or recurring moods or thought patterns. Their essential defining quality is that they satisfy a surface want but ignore or block the satisfaction of a deeper need. They numb us to feelings and spiritual awareness by substituting a superficial high, or a sense of activity, for genuine feeling, or accomplishment.

When we live the more in our jobs, work is no longer relegated to a series of tasks tied to the clock. The more pervades everything we do. Though every task may not radiate obvious meaning, purpose permeates all you do.

By focusing on the more, you will advance and move to satisfaction with much less effort.

Meaning can be found in little things—a deliciously baked cookie, a rest on the hammock when the sky is colored a brilliant pink, or a deeply felt conversation with a spouse or significant other.

Becoming aware of your thinking is essential to creating more. If you are aware of the stinking thinking you are winning already.