The ONE Thing

The Surprisingly Simple Truth Behind Extraordinary Results

by Gary Keller , Jay Papasan

Number of pages: 240

Publisher: AMACOM

BBB Library: Personal Success

ISBN: 9781885167774

About the Authors

Gary Keller : Gary Keller is chairman and cofounder of Keller Williams Realty, Inc.,


Jay Papasan : Jay Papasan is a former business editor and frequent event speaker


Editorial Review

What’s the ONE Thing you can do such that by doing it everything else will be easier or unnecessary? In the number one Wall Street Journal bestseller, Gary Keller has identified that behind every successful person is their ONE Thing. No matter how success is measured, personal or professional, only the ability to dismiss distractions and concentrate on your ONE Thing stands between you and your goals. The ONE Thing is about getting extraordinary results in every situation.

Book Reviews

The One Thingis a wonderful book which addresses the dangers of analysis paralysis and the lack of focus in trying to wade through too many items on the agenda.

"Success does not mean perfection. I’m not concerned with avoiding distraction every minute of every day. The perfect, uninterrupted day is impossible. It’s about figuring out what matters most, and when you’re doing that ONE Thing, eliminate distraction." Forbes

"This book is all about the idea that understanding how to simplify, prioritize and focus is the difference between success and mediocrity. Taking it a step further, Keller and Papasan focus on helping the reader identify the single most important step in moving toward his or her goals." Will Gibbons Design

"The One Thing isn’t a business book you need a notebook and a couple of sharpened pencils to read and understand. The message is clear, well-supported, and well-written." THE NOTORIOUS R.O.B.

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Wisdom to Share

Your journey toward extraordinary results will be built above all else on faith.

Make sure that the people around you and your physical surroundings support your goals.

We all want to be happy, but seeking it isn’t the best way to find it.

Don’t be afraid to fail. See it as part of your learning process and keep striving for your true potential.

Most successful people in life saw things differently and went onto transform the world we know.

Set a goal so far above what you want that you’ll be building a plan that practically guarantees your original goal.

View work as involving a skill or knowledge that must be mastered.

A small amount of causes creates most of the results. Just the right input creates most of the output.

Activity is often unrelated to productivity, and busyness rarely takes care of business.

When everything feels urgent and important, everything seems equal. We become active and busy.

Equality is a worthy ideal pursued in the name of justice and human rights.

Success builds on success, and as this happens, over and over, you move toward the highest success possible.

Extraordinary success is sequential, not simultaneous.

Getting extraordinary results is all about creating a domino effect in your life.

The first was a mere two inches, the East almost three feet tall. The resulting domino fail began with a gentle tick quickly ended “with a loud SLAM.”

You want your achievements to add up, but that actually takes subtraction, not addition.

You have only so much time and energy, so when you spread yourself out, you end up spread thin.

“Going small” is ignoring all the things you could do and doing what you should do.

Where people achieve huge success, you will find that they narrowed their concentration to one thing, and where their success varied, their Focus had too.