Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids

How To Stop Yelling And Start Connecting

by Laura Markham

Number of pages: 304

Publisher: Perigee Trade

BBB Library: Parenting

ISBN: 9780399160288

About the Author

Laura Markham earned her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University and has worked as a parenting coach with countless families.


Editorial Review

While most parenting books focus on changing the child’s behavior, and yes this book will help you support your child to become his/her very best self, this book dedicates more focuses on for parents’ behaviors. Because you’ll have to manage your own triggers and emotions to effectively coach and connect with your child, you’ll find consistent reminders to regulate yourself so you can return to a state of equilibrium before intervening with your child. And instead of controlling or manipulating your children’s behavior with punishment and bribes, you’ll learn how to coach your child to support both his short-term and long-term development into a more confident, resilient, self-disciplined, emotionally intelligent person. 

Book Reviews

"From a therapeutic view…this is exactly the step-by-step process that needs to take place in order to raise happy, confident children." Dirt and Boogers

"The sectionscover regulating yourself, fostering connection and coaching, not controlling. Within each section there are further chapters devoted to specific aspects of the bigger, overarching theme." The Pukeko Patch

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Wisdom to Share

The way we talk to our child becomes his inner voice.

Punishment doesn’t work to teach children better behavior because it teaches wrong lessons.

One of the most important messages we can give our children about emotion is that anger is a universal human feeling that can be managed and controlled.

Resist the urge to solve the problem for them; that gives your child the message that you don’t have confidence in his ability to handle it himself.

Troublesome behavior signals big feelings or unmet needs.

Every child is born wanting to connect deeply with other humans.

Most parents think it’s our job to control our children, but when we try, we’re bound to fail.

your interaction with your infant over his first year will determine a great deal about how his brain and nervous system are wired for the rest of his life.

Humans are born ready to love and be loved.

what worked yesterday will not work tomorrow. So, your parenting style needs to evolve as your kids do.

We begin with taking responsibility for ourselves and end with connection as the ultimate rule.

Rewriting your story can be painful, but it’s liberating.

Take a breath and wait until you calm down before you make any decisions or take any actions.

Even a devoted father or mother often inadvertently hurts a child.

Human beings weren’t designed to handle the amount of stress our modern life loads on us.

Parenting is one of the toughest things we do.