Age of Context

Mobile, Sensors, Data and the Future of Privacy

by Robert Scoble , Shel Israel

Number of pages: 248

Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

BBB Library: Technology and Globalization

ISBN: 9781492348436

About the Authors

Robert Scoble : Scoble is among the world's best-known tech journalists. He travels the


Shel Israel : Israel helps businesses tell their stories in engaging ways as a


Editorial Review

In 2006, co-authors Robert Scoble and Shel Israel wrote Naked Conversations, a book that persuaded businesses to embrace what we now call social media. Six years later they have teamed up again to report that social media is but one of five converging forces that promise to change virtually every aspect of our lives. You know these other forces already: mobile, data, sensors and location-based technology. Combined with social media they form a new generation of personalized technology that knows us better than our closest friends. Armed with that knowledge our personal devices can anticipate what we’ll need next and serve us better than a butler or an executive assistant. The resulting convergent superforce is so powerful that it is ushering in a era the authors call the Age of Context. 

Book Reviews

"the book contains vignettes of early-stage technology and technologists upon which the authors extrapolate to a possible future." Geek Wire

"The Age of Context will make you realize how much further we have to go. " Tech

"The new book, Age of Context, relates to the messages or information you receive within a precise location. Where you are at any given moment determines the meaning and relevance of the information you consume and the experiences you have."

"the book“Age of Context”, written by notable technology pundits Robert Scoble and Shel Israel who did an excellent job in painting the picture of what a future in context would look like." Skyhook Wireless

"Age of Context, a new book by Robert Scoble and Shel Israel, takes us into that new world, part of which is already here, and opens up the reader’s mind to what’s to come (along with some tough questions about privacy)." Find Some Win More

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Wisdom to Share

Millions of wearable devices are being invented to help people get fitter. In fact, health is becoming the largest category of all wearable applications today.

All sorts of plans, records, and city modeling are being moved from locked vaults into the open cloud, where citizens can access far more than ever before and they can do it on mobile apps.

Open cloud and 3D modeling help the new connected generations see the future of their cities and simultaneously have a say in their development.

There really is no place like home. It’s a safe haven for you and your loved ones, the most personal of all your spaces.

MillionsMillions of wearable devices are being invented to help people get fitter.

Data is the Oxygen of the Age of Context.

Social media is essential to the new Age of Context. It’s in our online conversations that we make it clear what we like, where we are and what we are looking for.

The smartphone is now the primary device for most people.

The marvels of the contextual age are based on a tradeoff: the more the technology knows about you, the more benefits you’ll receive.

Today, the Age of Context brings a new kind of mobile or wearable computer that can wirelessly interact with hundreds of sensors around you.

The recent history of technology has certainly proved that change is inevitable, and the disruption it causes often brings inconvenience and opportunity.