Go Mobile

Location-based Marketing, Apps, Mobile Optimized Ad Campagins,2D Codes, and Other Mobile Strategies to Grow Your Business

by Jeanne Hopkins , Jamie Turner

Number of pages: 234

Publisher: Wiley

BBB Library: Sales and Marketing, Corporate Success

ISBN: 9781118167786

About the Authors

Jeanne Hopkins : She is the Vice President of Marketing at HubSpot, and leading


Jamie Turner : He is an author, speaker, and the founder of BKV's 60


Editorial Review

Are you curious about how to use mobile marketing to grow your business? Would you like to know how to use Quick Response (QR) codes, location-based marketing, and other mobile tools to increase your sales and revenue? Are you wondering how companies use mobile marketing to connect with their customers? Answering those questions is exactly what we’ve set out to do in this summary. We’ve demystified mobile marketing and repackaged it as a simple, easy-to-understand tool that you can use to grow your sales and revenue.

Book Reviews

"In this 227-page hardcover, you can expect a thought-provoking read with great tips and ideas that completely demystify the world of mobile marketing. What’s more, the authors have translated all of the heavy “marketing-speak” into a fun, simple, easy-to-read layout." Social Media Examiner

"Jeanne’s segment discussed the 17 Rs of Mobile Marketing. In it, viewers got an overview of 17 key facts and insights about mobile marketing that can help them dive in easily and quickly.JumpTapV.P. of Marketing Matt Duffy's segment covered mobile ad networks, which are companies that can help place ads on mobile websites around the globe." Hubspot

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Wisdom to Share

Don’t just think about, and talk about, mobile marketing. Don’t just strategize about it, either. Take action!

One of the great advantages of mobile marketing is that it’s digital, for easy to track.

Just because someone states that financial stability is important for a bank doesn’t mean that it’s an effective driver for customer acquisition or brand loyalty.

You need to provide your mobile web users with an experience that is both prompt and user-friendly.

Cost-effective and easy to integrate, SMS capabilities provide a number of benefits to a variety of specific applications.

It’s no wonder that mobile media has become a serious marketing tool for businesses of all sizes.

With many types of marketing, advertisers have approximately 30 seconds to make their presentations, which typically outline a problem/solution benefit of the product/service.