How the World Sees You

Discover Your Highest Value Through the Science of Fascination

by Sally Hogshead

Number of pages: 448

Publisher: Harper Business

BBB Library: Communication

ISBN: 978-0062230690

About the Author

Sally Hogshead is a New York Times bestselling author, Hall of Fame speaker, chief executive officer of Fascinate, Inc and a former advertising executive.


Editorial Review

On the day you were born, you already knew how to fascinate. Like breathing and swallowing and smiling, the ability to fascinate is a hardwired survival mechanism. Fascination is an instinctive form of connection. We all have this ability in some form. But over time, people can lose their innate ability to fascinate. They acquire layers of boring. Like an oyster protecting itself against the grain of sand, people build shells that they believe can shield them from a negative outcome. Hiding works for a while. But it always backfires. You will never be your most successful when evaluated according to criteria that do not allow you to stand out.  

Book Reviews

"Organized in logical chapters with convenient subheads and call-out summary boxes, this hands-on work is worth the time of anyone trying to set him or herself apart in an ever-more competitive job market." — Publishers Weekly

"The book will help you differentiate yourself and your business from others, to put what is unique and exciting about you on the table for the world to see. You will learn “the best of how the world sees you” and how to use it to communicate more effectively, because as she so succinctly reminds us, “Having an important message means nothing if nobody notices or cares.” —800CEORead

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Wisdom to Share

You will never be your most successful when evaluated according to criteria that do not allow you to stand out.

Our survival depends upon our ability to build bridges between ourselves and others.

If your listener becomes distracted while you communicate, they are more likely to feel confusion or doubt about your message.

If you become a commodity in the eyes of your customers, it means you’re vulnerable. You can be easily replaced.

You become admired for a noteworthy ability to contribute a specific benefit.

Few people recognize the full worth of their personality, let alone protect it.

Power personalities speak the language of confidence.

Mystique personalities speak the language of listening.

Not a fan of deadlines and step-by-step processes, Change Agents are more excited about instigating new plans than finishing them.

Don’t focus on how you are similar to others, but how you are different.

Once you “own” a difference, you can charge more money.

Leaning too much on Power creates a sense of dictatorial leadership, distilling fear rather than nurturing loyalty in their team.

Being authentic is usually an advantage, but it doesn’t mean that people want to know exactly what’s going on with your relationship, your problems at home, and your frustrations with the boss.

Too much Passion in negotiations can also weaken your position. Showing disappointment or eagerness can quickly ruin a sale.

When you understand how the world sees you at your best, you can concentrate on what you do best.

In a distracted, competitive, and commoditized world, people don’t have time to read a long résumé, or sit through a lengthy pitch. They want to cut to the chase.