The Future Workplace Experience

10 Rules For Mastering Disruption in Recruiting and Engaging Employees

by Jeanne C. Meister , Kevin J. Mulcahy

Number of pages: 304

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

BBB Library: Human Resources

ISBN: 978-1-259-58938-6

About the Authors

Jeanne C. Meister : Jeanne C. Meister is a founding partner of Future Workplace, an


Kevin J. Mulcahy : Kevin J. Mulcahy is a partner with Future Workplace and the


Editorial Review

Written by two experts working in the field of workplace innovation, The Future Workplace Experience offers 10 strategic rules for recruiting the right talents, creating an engaging experience for the employees and masteringthe disruptions.  More importantly, it shows how to transform the future of learning and working, and it empathizes on the role of HR leaders as the “workplace activists.” 

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Wisdom to Share

To be ready for the future changes, you need to become “a workplace activist,” and advocate for change in your organization.

Within businesses, there are several benefits to closing the gender gap: ranging from improving financial and business performance, to adding diversity of thought. However, a gender-based pay gap continues to exist. We believe it is up to countries, companies, and individuals to create the change they want to see in the workplace.

There are two types of transparency job seekers look for in the workplace: a transparent culture and a transparent talent-acquisition process.

The increased usage of technology has the power to create new jobs, reshape existing jobs, or eliminate jobs entirely. However, not enough focus has been on how technology will disrupt and augment jobs.

Employees must “own their learning” and see the connection between learning and career advancement, thus, becoming “serial learners.”

To become a serial learner, allow space in your day to develop creative ideas, plan out your learning, think about what you need to learn and do small experiments with big potential payoffs that give you an opportunity to learn and test out your ideas.

We should involve men in the discussion to build gender equality, to build awareness for dealing with unconscious bias in the workplace.

We must examine what the government can do to assist working mothers and their families

We must examine what the government can do to assist working mothers and their families

A workplace activist is someone who gives a voice to the changes we all desire in our organization, industry, and workplace.

Organizations that build strong employer brands and focus on culture become magnets for continual job seekers. One method of managing the employer brand is to create content that conveys the organization’s culture.