Working with Difficult People

Handling the Ten Types of Problem People Without Losing Your Mind

by Amy Cooper Hakim , Muriel Solomon

Number of pages: 352

Publisher: TarcherPerigee

BBB Library: Communication

ISBN: 978-0143111870

About the Authors

Amy Cooper Hakim : Amy Cooper Hakim is the founder of The Cooper Strategic Group,


Muriel Solomon : Muriel Solomon worked in communications for over 40 years. She taught


Editorial Review

We all need people in our lives to teach us things, nurture us, and help us grow or anything else that supports our personal development. The dilemma, sometimes, can be whether they deserve to stay in our lives or it’s better to get rid of them. Absolutely, we have a family for a reason; our high school friends who won’t let go even when we are toxic and don’t contribute anything good to our well-being. But the most important advice is to realize the worth of various people in various places in our lives, you can have friends for a different purpose, some might be friends you trust the most, while others might be friends in any social gathering. The greatest thing is to appreciate people for what they are, instead of focusing on what’s wrong with them.   This summary focuses on communicating at work and suggests logical action instead of emotional reaction. You can use the tips in this summary with manipulative relations like a neighbor or a friend, as it offers a practical way to help you turn a horrible situation into your favor.

Book Reviews

"Working with Difficult People is certainly a must-have for any working-class bookshelf."

"The information presented in the book is very clear, appropriate for a wide style of jobs, and depicts the people’s behavior with clear examples that we can feel related easily."

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Wisdom to Share

First, let's admit it: We've all pulled idiotic maneuvers, and, frankly, we deserved it when the boss got enraged. Managers correct mistakes. That's their right.

The fleeting satisfaction you receive from landing a verbal punch is a luxury you can't afford.

Not knowing when you will be in the "hot seat" is demoralizing and unnerving.

Your goal is to be treated with respect by reducing hostility and developing mutual trust.

Bullies are habitually cruel, threatening your present and future because loss of control frightens them.

When these bosses belittle you, crushing your self-confidence with their authoritarian threats, your best defense is an offense. You have to stand up to the Bully.

With no letup, Ruthless Monsters are deliberately mean. You can't disagree with them without making matters worse. You have to find a way to keep them from sapping your spirit and all but eradicating your ego.

Learn to stand up for yourself and express your anger in a positive way.

Bottling up your feelings can make you ill.