The Motivation Manifesto

9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power

by Brendon Burchard

Number of pages: 234

Publisher: Hay House

BBB Library: Personal Success

ISBN: 9781401948078

About the Author

Brendon Burchard is an American author on motivation, high performance, and online marketing. He is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of The Millionaire Messenger, and the #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author of The Charge: Activating the 10 Human Drives That Make You Feel Alive.


Editorial Review

There comes a time in the lives of those destined for greatness when they must stand before the mirror of meaning and ask, Why, having been endowed with the courageous heart of a lion, do we live like mice? We must look squarely into our own tired eyes and examine why we waste so much time sniffing at every distraction, why we cower at the thought of revealing our true selves to the world, why we scurry so quickly from conflict, and why we consent to play small. We must ask why we participate so humbly in society's frantic race, allowing ourselves into mazes of mediocrity and setting for scraps of reward when nature has offered unlimited freedom, power, and abundance to the bold, determined, creative, independent-to each of us. To secure this personal freedom, men and women of conscience must not consent to be controlled by fear, convention, or the will of the masses. We must govern our lives, and when our thoughts and actions become destructive, it is our responsibility to alter or abolish them and to institute new habits as the foundations for a freer, happier life.

Book Reviews

"In his new book,The Motivation Manifesto: 9 Declarations to Claim Your Personal Power, Brendon Burchard claims to solve the puzzle that will enable all of us to free ourselves from self-doubts, fears and daily distractions in order to live happier lives." Forbes

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Wisdom to Share

Personal Freedom is the liberty from the restrictions of social oppression and the tragic self-oppression that is fear.

There is a palpable authenticity and aliveness in how we relate to others and contribute to the world.

We were not destined to go through life unaware of the surroundings, deaf and blind to the magical qualities of the moment.

We are supposed to engage with whatever appears in front of us with awareness and enthusiasm.

Life is meant to be a vibrant, deeply felt, growing mosaic of meaningful moments.

Love is our origin and our final destination.

We are at our finest when we give and live in love, and at our worst when we hoard it, deny it, or choke it out of existence.

There is no beauty in the world more perfect, more awe-inspiring, more human and transfixing than unfiltered, unashamed love.

However, by refusing to bend on our values, we become unbreakable, solid and stable, courageous and certain.

We act indifferent or cowardly just when the world needs our presence and strength.

In our darkest hours, we are tempted to break our integrity-to compromise who we are.

Children’s pleasure in small things and full engagement in the moment are quick-sprouting seeds of joy.

There can be no mastery of life if we cannot transform the energy we feel at any moment into cheerful engagement and deep appreciation.

It rests on our shoulders to notice when we feel bored or depressed-and to force ourselves outside to engage with the world with a smile.

we are seeing so many people for whom we care get sucked into the awful whirlpool of negativity.

Great men and women don't care if anyone approves.

You are responsible for your reality. Decide what you want of the world and go make it happen. No clarity, no change; no goals, no growth.

Consumed by the belief that nothing changes, some people have no cause to act or advance.

Recklessness was required for the extraordinary to happen.

They also deeply understand that a degree of risk is inevitable and necessary should there be any real reward.

But the bold know that to win, one must first begin.

To reclaim our power, we must seek an immediate shift in our belief about how influential we can be in shaping our reality.

As we overcome fear and defeat our internal demons, we must recalibrate our entire mindset toward advancement.

None of us wants to look in the mirror and realize that the person looking back is the cause of his frustration.

Just like with the past, there is nothing wrong with journeying into the future if it brings joy or instruction.

Many people are checked out of today because they are thinking about tomorrow.

There is very little use in thinking about yesterday or the days before it.

We must learn to release our habits of nostalgia and absurd projection and reenter our lives in the moment.

The reason most of us lack vitality is that we are unconsciously or obsessively directing our minds to the past or future at the expense of fully living now.

We mustn't stay oblivious to the key moments and circumstances of our lives.

So much of our lives go unnoticed.

Should we wish to be free and alive with full power, we must decide to bring the full might of our conscious mind to the present experience.

Life is not meant to be a long series of unfelt and undirected experiences.

If we are clear, committed, we will feel high levels of motivation.

When people choose fear as an adult, they are choosing not to manage or overcome it.

Fearful people tend to be shaped by past interactions.

We are afraid of being rejected, isolated or abandoned-not of being eaten alive.

We are afraid of being rejected, isolated or abandoned-not of being eaten alive.

Almost all the fear we experience today has nothing to do with physical threat.

Fear rips us from freedom.

Indeed freedom is our natural drive to rise from our circumstances and actualize our goals, our potential, our highest self.