Wargaming for Leaders

Strategic Decision Making from the Battlefield to the Boardroom

by Mark L. Herman , Mark Frost

Number of pages: 264

Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education

BBB Library: Leadership

ISBN: 978-0071596886

About the Authors

Mark L. Herman : Mark Herman is a Booz Allen Hamilton vice president, based in


Mark Frost : Mark Frost is a principal with Booz Allen Hamilton in McLean,


Editorial Review

If you had the opportunity to probe the future, make strategic choices, and view their consequences before making expensive and irretrievable decisions, wouldn't you take advantage of it? Of course you would. And in a world of asymmetrical conflict, security threats, intense global competition, and economic uncertainty, there is an even higher premium on road-testing plans and strategies--whether they're spearheaded by government organizations, transnational corporations, or emerging megacommunities. Wargaming for Leaders provides a methodology to get at the issues that one leader, no matter how visionary, cannot grasp on his or her own. How? By bringing together the real experts on the topic at hand to wage cognitive warfare. Through tapping the collective wisdom surrounding an issue, experts can experience the future in a risk-free environment and find answers to questions that had not been on their radar--often with unexpected and startling results.

Book Reviews

"Faced with a complex, dynamically evolving threat, our Headquarters needed time to generate situational awareness/understanding and redraft the Operations Plan. Yet time was one resource we didn’t have. We knew instinctively that the linear, rational, and methodical approach to strategy development we had used before was not appropriate for this context, and that we had to try something different. Our solution was wargaming, a process in which participants engage in adversarial role-playing in order to explore a problem from multiple perspectives."-Harvard Busniess Review

"the book is set out in a fairly standard format for such wargaming books as first devised by Featherstone in his writings. A chapter outlining political and military developments, a chapter explaining the rationale of the rules, a set of simple rules, examples of types of battle (e.g. meeting engagement, flanking attack), some army lists and nine historical battles." -Wargaming

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Wisdom to Share

Wargaming is essentially an anticipative —but not predictive—tool going back millennia with one major objective: to anticipate outcomes of battles to come.

A wargame is not an answer to each and every challenge.

An apparently out-of-control dilemma can be resolved with adequate analysis and informed decisions being made by soliciting right people.

a wargame must involve key players with competing interests based on arguments, for example, over strategic or tactical plans, data or institutional culture.

The way and number of players involved in a wargame vary considerably according to each client’s set of objectives.

Designing a wargame is a complex process.

For government and corporations, a wargame is most likely to last from one to three days.

Wargamers serve as control group providing competing players with additional information or scenario shifts—“injects” in our terms.

In any war, an enemy always has a vote.